MICAI 2007 |

Computer Security

Computer security is an important research topic which requires developments in several areas of AI, such as search, heurisitcs, pattern recognition, data mining, automated reasoning, expert systems, user modelling, etc. Potential attendees are academics and students working in these and other related areas in AI.

The objective of this workshop is To bring together researchers, especially AI researchers, working in different aspects of computer security, including intrusion detection, protocol verification, protocol repair, information flow control, etc.

Workshop Program

*An Architecture for Security Policy Management on Homogeneous Networks
Pedro Chávez and Juan J. Flores (Universidad Michoacana) and Juan M. García G. (Instituto Tecnológico Morelia)

* A First Approach to Understanding the Anomalies on my PC
Luis M. Fernández, Hugo Terashima and Manuel Valenzuela (ITESM Mty)

* Masquerade Attacks Based on User's Profile
Iván Razo and Carlos Mex-Perera (ITESM Mty) and Raúl Monroy (ITESM CEM)

* On the Characterization of Attacks Families
Karen A. García and Raúl Monroy (ITESM CEM)

* Video Watermarking Algorithm Resilient to MPEG-E Compression and Collusion Attacks
Rogelio Reyes, Clara Cruz, Mariko Nakano and Héctor Pérez (ESIME Culhuacan)

* Robust Image Watermarking System Based in Digital Signature
Clara Cruz, Rogelio Reyes, Mariko Nakano and Héctor Pérez (ESIME Culhuacan)

* SHRIMP: a Smart metHod for Repairing IMperfect security Protocols
Juan C. López P. (ITESM CEM)

* Type Flaw Attacks
Raúl Monroy and Juan C. López P. (ITESM CEM)


The workshop will cover the full breadth and diversity of applications of AI to computer security and will include topics such as:
• Intrusion detection.
• Protocolo verification
• Protocolo repair
• Access control
• Security policy specification and enforcement Information flow control.


We invite interested persons to submit a camera-ready, two-page extended abstract about recent work or work in progress, or a system description.
Submissions should be sent in in either Postscript or PDF format by email to the workshop organisers at: raulm@itesm.mx.
Please use the LaTeX style file provided by Springer for the LLNCS series: http://www.springeronline.com/lncs
Each submission should include the names and complete addresses (including email) of all authors. Correspondence will be sent to the first author, unless otherwise indicated. The main objective of the abstracts is to spread information about recent work in our community, and we expect to accept most in-topic submissions, but we may ask for revisions.
Abstracts will be published in informal workshop notes and be made available on the internet.
Authors of selected extended abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper, to be peer reviewed, for possible publication in the journal "Computación y Sistemas".

Registration Fees

MICAI workshops registration fee will be waived for a participant who has a full registration to MICAI. In addition, SMIA has kindly agreed upon waiving the registration fee to the first registrant of each extended abstract accepted within the Workshop.


Each workshop attendee will be allocated a 25 minute slot, for a short talk to introduce their research.


The workshop is being organised by the research group in computer security at Tecnológico de Monterrey: http://homepage.cem.itesm.mx/raulm/netsec


Please email Raul Monroy (raulm@itesm.mx) if you have any queries about the 2007 MICAI Computer Security Workshop.
• To be defined.

Workshop Chairs:
Carlos Mex-Perera
Raul Monroy


Program Committee
Dieter Hutter (DFKI)
J. A. Nolazco (ITESM Mty)
J. M. Sierra (U. Carlos III)
H. Terashima (ITESM Mty)

Important Dates
Submission October 30th, 2007

Notification November 1st, 2007

Workshop November 5, 2007