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I received my PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Monterrey Institute of Technology .

My thesis was called "Temporal Bayesian Network for Diagnosis and Prediction of Events".

My research interests include: industrial artificial intelligence applications, Monitoring and Planning, Fault Diagnosis, Disturbance Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Intelligent Control, Knowledge Based Systems, reasoning under uncertainty (Fuzzy Logic and Bayesian networks), Intelligent Environment for training and learning, Data Mining, Business Intelligence.


Head of Information Technologies at Electrical Research Institute of Mexico

Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas
Gerencia de Sistemas Informáticos
AV. Reforma 113, Colonia Palmira
C.P. 62490 Cuernavaca, Morelos, MEXICO

Phone number : +52 (777) 3 623820 or (777) 3 623811 ext 7166

PhD Thesis topic

An Novel formalims for uncertainty management and temporal reasoning called as Temporal Bayesian Network of Events (TBNE) this approach is used for diagnosis and prediction of events of dynamic domains.

You may download my PhD Thesis

A Temporal Bayesian Network of Events (TNBE) is an extension of Bayesian Networks for dealing with temporal information. Each event or state change of a variable is associated with a time interval. The definition of time intervals and their duration for each node is free (multiple granularity). Temporal reasoning is based on probability propagation and gives the time occurrrence of events or state changes with some probability value. The main difference with previous probabilistic temporal models is that the representation is based on state changes instead of state values at different times. This makes the model much simpler in many applications in which there are few changes for each variable in the temporal range of interest. Temporal information in a TBNE is relative, that is, there is not absulute reference. The TBNE has a mechanism for transforming the relatives times to absolutes, based on the timing of the observations.


This is a downloadable list of some of my papers in English and Spanish.

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